Chaud au Coeur


in Belgium :


Télé-Accueil, in Brussels and in Wallonia: free phone call (dial 107), for a 24h/24 listening without judgement.
(for Flanders, dial 106) and

La Porte Ouverte  

La Porte Ouverte, in Liège: an urban space for all, managed with benevolence and respect of the anonymity.


Centre Botanique, in Liège: a welcome place for penniless and homeless persons.


Les Sentinelles de la nuit :

The main goal of this generous, tolerant and helpful team of volunteers is to make a true encounter easier with homeless persons.


Aide Sociale aux Justiciables :

An efficient non-profit institution that takes care of victims of criminal offences and that also assists convicted persons.

in France :

La Porte Ouverte  

La Porte Ouverte, in Paris, Besançon, Bordeaux, Lyon, Rouen, Toulouse: "Solitude, uneasiness, distress, worries…To speak do good".

Les petits frères des Pauvres  

Les petits frères des Pauvres, in France: as a priority, a support meant for persons aged over 50 years old and suffering from solitude, poverty, exclusion or serious illness.




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