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Historical roots

Genesis of the Association Chaud au Cœur

For a very long time I have had in me this fibre of accompanying others and more accurately lonely and secluded persons. But during my life, there has never been a triggering factor or a catalyst to put it into practice in the social field and in the long term.
Finally, an opportunity is being offered to me.

After a field research in Asia undertook to meet hermits living in a hut or a cave, within the forest or on a mountain, close friends have encouraged me to write the story of my adventure and to active myself to publish it.

Taking into account its fundamentally humanistic editorial policy, the book house Imago has accepted to propose this manuscript to the general public: available in bookshops from January 2016, written in French language for the time being.

It became obvious to me that the royalties would be fully and directly transferred to a non-profit making association.

These self-denial hermits striving on an astonishing life path have welcomed me, surprised me and taught me so much: the fruit of their real experience should necessarily help for an honourable cause.

Especially as it is likely that another manuscript will be published later, on catholic hermits this time.

This time though, there was no escape at all: I had to think of a project that truly suits my personal attitude.

And as soon as I informed some people around me of how I was going to proceed, I immediatly received promises of donations to start up this Association straight away.

Pilgrimage in buddhist ermites   Meeting with catholic ermites
Author : Luc Mauger (manuscripts officially registered at the SGDL, Paris)


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