Chaud au Coeur

Chaud au Coeur

Aim of the Association

Its non-lucrative goal is to take care of any lonely and secluded person.

As a hermit, a man or woman can possibly live solitary, far away from the agitation of towns. Nevertheless, within our customary social context, one could live secluded among people, but crying for despair.  

In this way, whatever action through our Association will contribute to provide to each one an honourable life.

To feel esteem coming from his fellow being, to adorn his self-esteem and to think highly of his own kind are then essential guidelines. Furthermore, the heart of every woman, of every man, of every child, is estimable: any human being, whatever existence he has, is indeed of the same value.

Far away from being a common anecdote, here is an example of a touching encounter : « One day, late afternoon, I escorted my wife to the railways station. At the entrance, I bumped into a man I recognize, a homeless person. He is living alone. He is wandering alone. He sleeps alone. So we shake hands. Calmly we have a short chat and I let him know my intention to come back and stay longer with him later on. Waiting on the platform, my wife asks me what I am going to discuss with him. I then reply that I may ask him if he has eaten and that I am ready to offer him a meal. After a while, seated on a bench, here I am then talking with our friend. We are also reading the newspaper together. At one point, I ask him if he is hungry for now. He then opens one of his bags and shows me that he has got enough to eat. And from a plastic bag, he offers me a piece of bread and two biscuits. I accept right away. We eat slowly, both keeping quiet. Thereafter, the conversation strikes up again. One hour later or less, we quite simply leave one another. I came with the intention of helping him: finally he remained natural, true to form and spoke to me as a fellow traveller. He shared out his treasures: a harmless talk, an eye contact, his real life experience and his daily loaf. What a teaching ! ».
Each of us can learn from others.

However, for some people, those who feel lonely in their lodging or secluded in the street, providing a suitable support can for sure prove to be necessary. Besides, this one is defined in interaction with the concerned person, knowing the fact that each life story is specific, one of a kind, actually different from one another.

The direct consequence of this process is that each one should find his groove, taking essentially in account his personal and individual requirements.

On the spot, the enquirer, woman, man or child, could feel inwardly concerned. Especially nor ideally, one will feel accepted by others and socially admitted.

Therefore, we can share together a part of the human fact of life and, if you have the will to do so, please send me your own life story or one of somebody you know well by electronic message : these writings will be read with the utmost attention, and guaranteeing anonymity and confidentiality.

So, alone or not, secluded or not, let’s all together construct a genuine story that will warm our hearts.

So that everybody, woman, man and child of all walks of life,
be greatly appreciated


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