Chaud au Coeur

Welcome message

1st September 2015

Our Association Chaud au Cœur ('Warmth in your heart') is now operational, so is our website.

Therefore, it is up to you, dear reader, to let us know your personal history or that of a person of whom you have a thorough knowledge.

Our meaningful goal, you have already understood it, is to construct together a genuine encounter without a mask, with any lonely and secluded person in their dwelling or homelessness, wage earning or not, in towns or in the countryside.

Be sure that we shall be listening helpfully to each and every one of you. Furthermore, if you express a specific requirement, we shall think it over together to obtain an appropriate response.

Regarding our global approach, we shall also be attentive to your remarks, especially your objective and helpful criticisms.

As far as those who are touched within their hearts are concerned, we are very grateful of your kind support of us.
Each person (woman, man or child) who feels lonesome, even secluded among people, will then know through you and us that they are not so lonely.

All’s well at home.
All’s well together.



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