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Publication of the book "Chez les ermites bouddhistes”

This book, published by éditions Imago, is to be read as an adventure story.

It will be available in bookshops from January 2016, in French language for the time being (in the pipeline: translation in English).


Nowadays, some Buddhist monks are living as hermits, secluded on a mountain or in the forest and living in a hut, a cave or a cemetery.

To dwell with them and to share their life of meditation and asceticism, one had to unearth them in the most remote places and mainly in rural and economically poor areas. Therefore, the encounters with these hermits were either in the middle of the jungle along the Burmese border, on the plateau that overhangs the Mekong River or in the former Golden Triangle.
The true name of the hermits and their exact geographical localization are not disclosed so as to respect their wish to diligently practice the teaching of the historical Buddha, without being too bothered by potential visitors.
The ten life records chosen for this book recount the recent peregrination of the author, Buddhist monk at that time. Here is then a new walk-through of a realistic and amazing pilgrimage meant to discover out of ordinary human beings.

Note on the author (see story of life):

Luc Mauger, Ph.D. Anthropology, M.D. Sociology, M.D. Sciences of religions, has lived a few years abroad, especially in Sudan, in India and lately in Thailand. His professional activities were numerous, from labourer to commercial executive, from embassy Attaché to boat skipper and from instructor to schoolteacher. Being thought of as a pilgrim, he investigates equally Christian pray and Buddhist meditation in monasteries. Let’s finally say that those hermits have always fascinated him, as they are incredibly practicing in seclusion in a hut or in a cave.

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